Timber processing
Individual and dimensionally accurate manufacture

In the timber processing segment, the trend continues towards the individualisation of products and the millimetre precise production of preliminary products. This reduces the workload for you as a customer considerably during the downstream production. No matter whether you want your timber-based materials to be cut to size or you need rounded corners, we leave no wish unmet.

We transform your individual customer specifications into reality with the assistance of state-of-the-art machines, such as our CNC machining centre, automatic planer, stationary double guide bow package crosscut saw and computer-controlled horizontal panel sizing saw.

Cuts on the panel sizing saw

Processing your bespoke cut solutions is carried out with efficiency and precision on best-in-class machines. Our horizontal panel size saw allows us to cut several panels simultaneously.

We offer you the following cut-to-size timber-based materials:

  • Single or multiple cuts
  • Straight or angled cuts
  • Individually specified formats
  • Smaller quantities of squared timber on request

CNC machining centre

Individual programming and the latest control technology allows our CNC machine to complete various processing steps, such as grinding, drilling and milling in just one pass. This allows us to quickly and precisely put workpieces through full machining and give them a high level of strength in just one work step.


  • We can produce complete workpieces or entire product series for you quickly
  • Programming ensures precise dimensional compliance during production
  • Only a small degree of effort is required, since the individual work steps operate automatically

Not every workpiece can be produced manually – CNC machining also makes it possible to produce complex products

  • Cuts
  • Milling work (e. g. circles and curves)
  • Sectioning (e. g. tongue and groove, rounding, bevelling)
  • Drilling work (e. g. holes for plug connections, rows of holes)
  • Clean cut edges and smooth surfaces without the need for subsequent sanding
  • Wooden fittings with round cut outs

Holtec package cutting station

Not every package of sawn timber with the standard lengths given is suitable for every purpose. Our many years of experience have shown that individual lengths are now being required more and more frequently. As a timber wholesaler, our goal is to not only supply you with wood-based materials in predefined sizes, but to offer you a 360-degree package. Our cutting station makes this possible. The economically large quantities per cut mean that our double guide bow package crosscut saw quickly cuts packages of timber to the length you require with excellent commercial accuracy.

Planing and sectioning

We can adapt and process a wide variety of workpieces to your specifications.

  • Tongue and groove sections
  • Rabbet joint
  • V-groove joint etc.
  • 4-sided processing (tongue & groove section or planed smoothly on all four sides)

Our skilled staff have wide-ranging specialist knowledge and years of experience in processing timber. We would be happy to explain the options we have available to you in an personal phone call. Call us directly on +49 (0) 2151 5124 0