Wood disposal/recycling - recycling wood waste

Recycling of all types of wood waste. As a result, we are making an important contribution to the environment and our carbon balance.
We help both small and large customers to dispose of their wood waste.

Our services

  • Acceptance of waste wood/residual wood
  • Container service
  • Construction site disposal
  • Processing of wood waste
  • Chip production
  • Chip trading

Sequence of the wood recycling process

Collection and receipt

We accept waste timber and wood waste from small and large customers and collect it first at our depot. We also offer a container service in addition to delivery. Two container sizes (10.15 and 40 m³) are available for this service. We deliver the empty containers to your choice of address and then collect them once they have been filled. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you dispose of your waste timber with our service.


The next step involves sorting the wood waste into the various wood waste classes (A1, A2 and A3) and other materials (synthetics, magnetic metals and non-ferrous metals). Once sorted, these materials are collected in containers and disposed of professionally in Krefeld directly.


Subsequent processing of the wood waste takes place in two stages. An excavator transports the wood from the collection point to our pre-chopping machine where it is coarsely chopped. From here on, it is put through a treatment process. A metal separator ensures that even small magnetic metals are sorted out and do not get mixed up with the final recycled product.

From the pre-chopped wood, the chopper produces wood chips with a grain size of 0 to 100 mm. These are sieved and loaded into containers.


After the treatment process, we return the wood waste to the economic cycle for material and thermal recycling. Our own vehicle fleet or a freight forwarder delivers the wood chips produced in this way.

We help small and large customers to dispose of their waste timber and wood waste.  If you would also like to do something good for the environment and have your wood disposed of professionally, then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate.


  • Small customers
    • Trailers up to 500 kg
      • 90,00 EUR
    • Trailers up to  1500 kg
      • 120,00 EUR
  • Large customers
    • We will be happy to send you an individual estimate. Contact us!